Pick a dream bigger than a lifetime.
— Mama Musk

When daria found herself sitting in the middle of nowhere, in front of a laptop, with a global fanbase 4-Million-strong and no record deal, she realized something was up. Maybe she didn't need a label to ride up on a big white horse to make her dreams come true. Maybe she could roll up her sleeves and do this herself. An artistpreneur was born. She wanted, not only to keep BUSHWHACKING a new trail, but to leave it paved behind her. She started stacking skills – filmmaking, consulting, producing – until all her projects were being made in-house by her and the handful of amazing creators around her.

With Ram's gorgeous film scores and bangin' bass playing... Sage's clever camerawork, mind-blowing screenplays and suprise-attack beat-making... Wendy's glorious prose and endless encouragement... Daria's pipes and fierce joy... It felt like there was nothing we couldn't do together. So, this year it just felt right to make it official... 

Unlabeled studios is a thing, and we're psyched.