unmastered: New original series teaser

rewind the story: a look at daria's career, so far.

scoring with travel sounds: A look at the making of the music for our original series, "Adventuress".

singing with Llamas: an adventuress episode shot in the french midi-pyrenees mountains.

Videos are the perfect digital jewel cases for music on the internet. At Unlabeled Studio we create a ton of music/video content together year round, from music videos to live concert docs, livestream performances to in-studio behind-The-scenes.

That's why we're so thrilled to announce our new official music series, "Unmastered" coming early 2018!

original songs

"You Move Me" - Daria Musk, live

"L.E.D Heart" - Daria Musk, Live

daria's currently in the studio making a new album (the process will be featured throughout our new series, unmastered! TO hear more now, check out Daria's music on itunes, apple music, youtube, and facebook.

Sage's first mixtape drops soon too!


"Down" - Marian Hill | Daria Cover

"Chained to the rhythm" - katy perry | daria cover


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